Memory Swapping Trick on lava iris 405

[ Swap/Change SD Card as Internal and Internal as External ]
Do at ur Own Risk
First make a Nandroid Backup Before attempting this!!

Not enough Internal Memory ? Worried. Here is a Trick by adhi007 from XDA
Download this

Go to file explorer (or) EX explorer (or) Root Explorer[ preferrable ]

open system/etc

then just click 'mt R+W' tab in the top right side corner of 'file explorer', which gives you the permissions to modify the file

Copy the original "vold.fstab" File from system/etc  and paste it somewhere else in ur SD card for safety as a backup file

Now copy the downloaded vold.fstab file and paste it by replacing 'vold.fstab' at system/etc

after replacement restart ur mobile . . Thats it.

Go to File Manager and See the Magic  :) :)


  1. How to incress ram lava iris 405 plz hlep

  2. Please give any trick to increase ram in lava iris 405 i tried roehsoft ram expander but it is not working


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